September 2019

1 minute read Published: 2019-09-26

So I can pretty much say I have failed most if not all of my goals for 2019 so far.

I would hugely recommend both books I did read, firstly finally finished the Rust Book (which is available for free online here), and secondly read through the fascinating Building Git - I would 100% recommend this book to anyone interested in software development.

Blog more - well it is obvious that hasn't happened.

Work more on OSS projects - not really had brainspace for this.

Rust Web framework - same here.

And generally be healthier - not really managed this, think I am probably eating better, but not significantly so.

However I have had some updates - I am now 6 months into a new job which has been truly amazing for me, I felt in my last role I was rapidly approaching a growth wall, and this job I feel like I am really improving as a developer, and have enjoyed working on projects with a decent amount of end users.

This job also has a shorter commute which has given me back more time, and I feel less generally tired than I did, I hope to use this time productively but seem at the moment unable to do so.